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Michael Lanning Crowd-Funding for new Swing album
Michael Lanning - he of the legendary voice from TSO West 2000-2005 - is working on a new Swing and Standards album and he needs our help:

Michael is one of the nicest, most genuine performers that I have ever met. He was a real crowd favorite with TSO and even guested with The Wizards of Winter on their 2012 tour. In concert, He is fondly remembered for his amazing rendition of "With a Little Help from my Friends" that he would go into after "Christmas Nights in Blue". In the studio, he is the voice of "Christmas Dreams".

This is a totally different style of music, but with Michael, you know it will be great. I have had the pleasure of hearing two of the songs that he has recorded already for this project and they are killer - both his vocals and the tight arrangements. This album will feature brand new songs and brand new recordings!

To help Michael complete this album, check out all of the details here:

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