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6 TSO West performers collaborate
Vocalists Chloe Lowery, Ashley Hollister, April Berry, Rosa Laricchiuta and Jodi Katz along with violinist Asha Mevlana – all regular performers in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra West touring cast, collaborated on an inspirational mash-up of Rise Up, He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands, and  the Beatles’ classic Let It Be.  The video, created by violinist Mevlana, features not just the six performers but also visuals of various fans and family experiencing life during this quarantine.  Chloe Lowery created the arrangement, while Nashville-based producer Travis Laws is responsible for the song’s track and piano.

Chloe Lowery: “2020 has certainly been a roller coaster of a year. Such unsettling times we are facing. The uncertainty of the future and the looming doubts of life resuming can at times seem paralyzing for us all. It’s important more now than ever that we come together in any way we can to bring hope and inspiration. I teamed up with my best friends and sisters to create this medley to bring a little light and hope into your world.

After a fun zoom date and mention of a collaboration, I sat down at my piano and came up with the idea to mash Rise Up, He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands, and Let It Be. Beautifully played by Travis Laws, the girls recorded their vocals at home with not much equipment or help. ( We did the best with what we had ) Asha Mevlana created a video to match the sentiment. Thank you to our friends, fans, and family that contributed to the video by sending in videos and stills.

Music has always been a healer and something that pulls us through the dark times. May this song and video brighten your day. I love you all so much and we will get through this.”

Ashley Hollister: “Quarantimes are difficult and weird. I miss my family and friends but am really thankful to have technology that connects us and helps us share fun things like this video me and my girls made. We hope it makes you smile. Please watch through to the end and check out some of the charities and organizations we love. “

Travis Laws: “Was thrilled to be a part of this collaboration with these incredibly talented girls. 2020 is off to a rocky start in our world, but one thing is true... we are all in this together...and no matter what happens, God is in control. Hope this is an encouragement to you all! “


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