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New Interview with Andrew Ross, Chloe Lowery and the rest of their band Chameleon
As Andrew Ross, Chloe Lowery and the rest of Chameleon have just released the first installment of their mammoth Black and White album, I caught up with all five members in their studio to discuss - among other things - the evolution of the band, their writing and recording process, and a detailed song-by-song look at their new EP Black | Part One.

Some of the subjects we covered:

- Their musical influences
- The background of each song on the new Black | Part One EP
- The story behind their new "Up There" music video
- The challenges of touring
- Why it took so long for this third EP to come out

And much more......

Hope everyone enjoys.
Excellent interview. I have been enjoying their EPs! Chloe has such an amazing voice. Cool to learn more about the rest of the band, Thanks for interviewing them!

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