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Lack of TSO on physical media
(12-25-2020, 03:05 AM)Magnumrulz Wrote: ^Good point! I never thought about that! DUH!! LOL
It does make much more sense why they don't put out a concert. Not saying it can't be done. But the effort it would take to put the show together with both East & West members would be a lot. Would be cool, though! Instead of having them all out there at same time, some could take turns. But, then they would have to decide on where they would do the show. Then the possibility of pissing off fans that can't attend the location they pick.

Watching the pre-show where they talked about the Wacken show in Germany, we all know they are not afraid of doing something big that they've not done before.

I always figured the best way to do it would be a 2-DVD set, one for each side.
And they say fans own the band.. if we own the band they should listen to us.

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