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Just thought I'd stop in and introduce myself. My Name is Tony Clayton and obviously I'm a TSO junkie. I live in Tucumcari, New Mexico, recently moved from Roswell, New Mexico. Been a TSO fan from the first record. Just recently getting into Savatage. I've seen TSO in concert 15 years in a row since 2000 in El Paso. Other locations include Las Cruces, Lubbock, Amarillo, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Houston, Las Vegas, Denver and Colorado Springs. Saw all 3 BLN shows. I manage a couple of small radio stations in Tucumcari and been in radio for 23 years. Although I'm not a very good actor, I've presented CEAOS with my narration on the radio almost a dozen times beginning in 1996. Hope to be a regular here and meet some cool people.
Greetings Tony! I do remember you from the Express Board (R.I.P.). For those who don't know me, my name is Dan and I am in NJ (hence the clever nickname used here). I have been a TSO fan since 2006 and usually see them either in Philadelphia and/or North Jersey, though I have traveled to Baltimore, Reading, Hershey and Wilkes-Barre as well.

I also have a pretty popular series of TSO-related interviews that I have been doing the last couple of years, whenever I have the time.

I too plan to be a regular here - hope this board takes off like Caffrey's old board or the TSO Express did. The Facebook TSO group(s) is a little too heavy on photo-ogling and video-spamming - hope this is a spot to talk about real TSO-related news and music.
(01-17-2015, 12:06 PM)danfromnj Wrote: I do remember you from the Express Board (R.I.P.).

we remember you from the express boards heh heh.... yea, im always going to use that against you!

private party here so far, figure out who set this up yet? how did you find it anyways?
This is a great idea. Still using my old user name from the old TSE site.

First saw TSO in 2003 on an extra ticket from my neighbor's wife. Just thought it was going to be a interesting way to spend a sleety Sunday afternoon, I had no idea. Been to a minimum of 2 shows a year in Hershey and I've done road trips to D.C. Saw every BLN show at least 4 times.
I'm a big fan and supporter but I'm not one of those that cares about who's fighting with who, what Al's birthday is or what Chris had for dinner last night. And pictures are good, but the posts on the facebook page for Dave are over the edge. Video's are great but I think a VIDEO thread for only video's would be a great idea.
Woohoo... I finally made it in. Registration kept locking up...

Looking forward to TSO (and related) discussions "the way it used to be"!!

p.s. My family & I "discovered" TSO in 2008 and my husband & I have seen them I think 9 times now, including all 3 years of Beethoven (college finals have interrupted the kids' concert goings for the past few years).
My thanks to Dan for sending the link to this board. I was on the Express board until it went belly up. It's nice to see a few familiar names and this will be better than good ol' FB.
I should introduce myself too, though some of you may know me. The name is Aaron and I'm in Portland ME. Since 2009 I've been really into the career of Pitrelli ..... and when I say 'really' I mean like I own over 100 albums by him and everything I can get by him I buy and my goal is every album in every edition that has his name in it. I've been writing his biography and after many delays put up a website that will be featuring it .... and hopefully this will solve some delays and move to a print version within a few years. I work on the site everyday but you'll find 50+ pages up right now, but another 300 to go!

I also spent almost 2 years doing a podcast dedicated to TSO and Savatage with my rambling commentary and then an arrange of music and interviews with folks like Damond Jiniya, Zak Stevens and others from the big ol' family tree. 100 episodes tracing the history of the band can be found on itunes on blogtalkradio
'The World Of Trans-Siberian Orchestra'
I'm jumping in. Thanks to DanfromNJ for sending me a referral.
Came to TSO while trying to see what was up with Savatage around 2001/2. First saw them in '04 (shoulda saw them in '03, but Detroit was new to me that year, and didn't feel like going by myself that year). After moving to Rockford, IL, and after JSS joined West, I started seeing both sides. This was the first time since '04 that I didn't get to see East (c'mon Paul, bring East back to Chicago next year).
BLN is my favorite album and tour.
Looking forward to the discussion again.
May be a good idea if the board creator makes topic heading for "Other Bands and Music" and "Live Audio and Video Trading". Again, just a thought. I know that worked nicely before.
(01-19-2015, 05:13 AM)Kissguy1973 Wrote: May be a good idea if the board creator makes topic heading for "Other Bands and Music"  and "Live Audio and Video Trading".  Again, just a thought. I know that worked nicely before.

Or even other members ... outside of Sava, JOP, Caffery & Skolnick (P.S. you all have Skolnick's fairly new autobiography, right? hint hint? Along with the new Jeff Scott Soto bio? wink wink?)

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